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Welcome to the Outer Rim Contingency!  

After the Mandalorian Wars, the Armed Forces of the Galactic Republic developed an emergency plan should the Outer Rim systems become completely overrun. When the initial onslaught of Imperial Forces decimated Republic defenses, the High Command put their centuries old contingency plan into effect.

The ORC began with small scale espionage, counter-intelligence, and in some cases insurgency. When the Treaty of Coruscant ended large scale military action by the Republic, the ORC continued to even greater effect, moving into guerilla warfare, sabotage, and even raids on targets of opportunity. Much like the invasion plans of the Empire, these actions will lay the groundwork for the eventual liberation of the Outer Rim, the Seat of the Empire, and other key worlds that have fallen under Imperial control.

It is not certain when the war between the Empire and the Republic will reignite, but when it does, the Republic will be ready; the Outer Rim Contingency makes certain of that.

Be sure to check out what our Old Republic guild is about in the information tab to the left

Guild News

We have been Imported!

zgort, Dec 12, 11 1:35 PM.
The Outer Rim Contingency has been successfully imported into the server "Shien."  Congratulations everybody!  Time to dust off those blasters and dig out those lightsabers!  See you in game soon!

Early Access Begins!

zgort, Dec 8, 11 2:25 PM.
Early Access Begins 12/13 - See you all in game soon!

Ready for Deployment?

zgort, Nov 24, 11 5:37 PM.
Another beta test is this weekend, and everyone who has signed up for the beta will make an appearance this weekend.  We will be playing on the server 'Bondar Crystal' for the Beta Test, and we should receive our assigned server in the coming weeks.

We have also picked up two brand new members!  Be sure to welcome them in as well as finalize preorders, release day is soon!
ORC This Week
Currently recruiting all Republic Classes!
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